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Getting Started

TrueNAS SCALE has a catalog system which you can use to add 3rd party catalogs, such as the TrueCharts community catalog, in just a few minutes.


  • SCALE apps share computing resources with your system. Please review our recommended system requirements.
  • Your apps dataset needs to be large enough to store the containers, configuration files, snapshots, and other persistent volume (PVC) data. You can always configure additional storage using HDD pools (e.g. downloads folder) for specific apps later.
  • Make sure your SCALE installation has a working storage pool that you'd like to use for TrueCharts. Read more in the SCALE tutorial.
  • Make sure you have a working Internet connection and can reach,, and from the host system.
  • Ensure your system time is up to date and you've chosen your preferred timezone in your SCALE settings. Apps you install will default to this timezone.

Configuring Your App Pool

Your Apps pool must be configured before adding TrueCharts. When opening the Apps menu item on SCALE for the first time, you'll be prompted to choose a storage pool for your Apps.

After creating your Apps pool, you'll be able to add the TrueCharts Community Catalog.

Adding TrueCharts

To add TrueCharts to your SCALE installation:

  1. Go to Apps page from the top level SCALE menu
  2. Select Manage Catalogs tab on the Apps page
  3. Click Add Catalog
  4. After reading the iXsystems notice, click Continue and enter the required information:
    Name: truecharts
    Preferred Trains: enterprise and stable
    Branch: main
  5. Click Save and allow SCALE to refresh its catalog with TrueCharts (this may take a few minutes)

TrueCharts Trains Overview

TrueCharts has multiple "trains", or branches of apps which you can choose to install. Below is a summary of each train and its intended use.

  • stable contains apps which have been thoroughly tested and expected to be stable and working. The stable version of an app is always the best available version.
  • incubator contains apps which are still in development and/or are not considered to be stable and working well enough to be moved into the stable branch.
  • dependency contains apps that are mostly used as dependencies. This train is not supported, aside from bug fixes.
  • enterprise contains apps for core TrueCharts features and, in the future, will be covered by additional support for professional usecases.

See here for a list of all apps available for each TrueCharts trains.

Video Guide


  • After adding the TrueCharts Repository You should start seeing available apps doesn't work right away, try clicking Refresh Catalogs on the Apps page.