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Storage Configuration on SCALE 24.04 DragonFish

DragonFish is not yet supported

This is a pre-release guide, TrueNAS SCALE 24.04 DragonFish is explicitly NOT yet supported by TrueCharts

Important Changes

iX-Systems no longer maintains or supports any form of PVC-based storage for apps. This includes their own "legacy" storage backend. This means that when using the following SCALE features, you will lose some functionality:

SCALE Backup and Restore (unreleased feature available through HeavyScript)

Will no longer back up storage at all.

SCALE Rollback

You will no longer be able to roll back any storage.

SCALE App pool migration

You will no longer be able to migrate storage using the pool migration feature in SCALE.

The above issues exist both for our new in-house TrueCharts OpenEBS storage solution and for users using already installed apps that use the legacy storage backend from iX-Systems.

For existing Users and Apps

Post-DragonFish Upgrade Steps

Once you have completed updating your SCALE system to DragonFish, enter the following command in the TrueNAS SCALE shell ensuring it's ran as root and as shown below:

rm /mnt/tank/ix-applications/k3s/server/manifests/zfs-operator.yaml

Replace tank in the command above with the name of your Apps-pool


k3s kubectl delete -f


k3s kubectl delete storageClass openebs-zfspv-default

Continue with the steps under "For new Users and Apps freshly installed on DragonFish"

After installing the OpenEBS App, run the following:

sudo curl -s | bash

For new Users and Apps freshly installed on DragonFish

Once you have completed the above steps, you need to install the OpenEBS app from the TrueCharts Operator train as below. This app contains our own version of PVC storage. Existing users: Ensure to not the name of the app when installing

  • In the SCALE GUI, go to Apps -> Discover Apps -> Manage Catalogs
  • Ensure you have system in the list of Preferred Trains in the TRUECHARTS row as below. If so, skip the next step

Catalog Trains

  • If you don't already, you can add it by selecting the TRUECHARTS row and selecting the Edit button and selecting system under the "Preferred Trains" dropdown list as below

system List

It's important to set the pool/dataset to the dataset you want to store the folders with the application data in them.


When setting the pool/dataset as above, do not set the path to the existing ix-applications dataset

Migrating to new storage

We highly advise moving to the new storage backend for existing Apps as well. At a later date we will update this with migration instructions as well. Until we have migration steps ready, existing apps will continue to work like normal.