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Dataset and Share Setup Guide

This guide provides the recommended setup for dataset permissions, shares and application data storage.

Dataset Permissions

TrueCharts applications are designed to use the apps (568) user for data permissions. Configure your dataset permissions as shown below to allows applications access.


If your existing dataset shows Edit ACL then you need to Strip ACL before continuing.


SMB Access

For SMB access you will need to create a user(s) that are members of the apps group and modify the default SMB settings.

SMB User

Create a user and assign it to the apps group under Auxiliary Groups as shown below.


SMB Share

Create an SMB Share as shown below. All settings should remain default except for Auxiliary Parameters.


After saving SMB settings TrueNAS Scale will launch an Edit ACL screen. Do NOT Save Access Control List as this will overwrite the previously configured permissions. You can make any selection from the TrueNAS GUI to exit this screen, SMB Share will still be configured.


force user=apps
force group=apps

NFS Share

Create an NFS Share which will be used for applications to access the dataset. Configure an NFS Share as shown below. All settings should remain default.


App Storage

For most applications data access will be configured under Additional App Storage.


NFS should NOT be used for App Config Storage. This should be left on the default of PVC.

Configure Additional App Storage as shown below. In some applications data storage is part of the application configuration, in those cases you would still configure NFS but not need to setup a Mount Path.