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12 - VPN Addon Setup


  1. Ensure internet for the container is working PRIOR to adding the VPN connection
  2. Obtain either a Wireguard Configuration or a OpenVPN configuration file
    • Wireguard ends in a .conf
    • OpenVPN ends in a .ovpn
  3. Know both your kubernetes LAN and your personal LAN

Preparing Configuration Files


  1. Delete the entire line that contains "DNS"
  2. Remove ALL mentions of IPv6
    • Usually after the IPv4 addresses
    • ::/0 is the IPv6 syntax.

Here is an example Wireguard configuration. Note the Deleted IPv6 addresses, and Deleted DNS line.

PrivateKey = cFuYkobFFgdfghdffdghdfghdfghdfgh
Address =

PublicKey = Casdfgsdfghsdfghsdfghsdfghs
AllowedIPs =
Endpoint =

Additional Information

Ignore any keys, public private, psk etc. We have not had any issue keeping all keys within a configuration.


  1. Add the two following lines to your configuration

    • pull-filter ignore "ifconfig-ipv6 "

    • pull-filter ignore "route-ipv6 "

    These two lines will ensure IPv6 is ignored, which is vital for a stable VPN connection.

Note The two added lines Here is an example OpenVPN configuration

dev tun
proto udp
remote 1198
resolv-retry infinite
cipher aes-128-cbc
auth sha1
remote-cert-tls server
pull-filter ignore "ifconfig-ipv6 "
pull-filter ignore "route-ipv6 "

verb 1
reneg-sec 0
-----BEGIN X509 CRL-----

-----END X509 CRL-----



Edit Configuration

The next step enable the addon in our edit configuration

  1. Scale GUI
    1. Apps
    2. Installed Applications
  2. Find the app you want, Click the top 3 dots to the right of your application
    1. Click Edit
    2. Scroll to the bottom until you see Addons
    3. Click the dropdown under Type
    4. Choose Wireguard or OpenVPN
      1. OpenVPN
        • Type in your Credentials for your vpn provider.
    5. Check "Enable Killswitch"
      • Click Add Next to Configure Killswitch Excluded IPv4 networks
      • Click Add For EACH network.
      • is the default Kubernetes Network, you want this in your killswitch so kubernetes can still communicate with the application
      • is my personal LAN, this needs to be in there so YOU can communicate with the container
    6. Finally, Add the filepath where you saved your modified configuration file
      • EX: /mnt/speed/vpn/wireguard/jackett2.conf

By now your screen should look somewhat like this:

Video Guide

Additional Documentation