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05 - Upgrading Apps

With TrueCharts we always push new versions of an App for any change. Even for the containers. This ensures upgrading the App always gives you the Latest-and-Greatest from TrueCharts

  • Make sure your storage-pool is created and working
  • Make Make sure you selected your storage-pool when you first opened the "Apps" interface, if not please refer to quick-start guide 01 - First time Apps setup
  • Make sure you have a working internet connection and can reach github and from the host system.
  • Make sure you already added the TrueCharts catalog from guide 02
  • Make sure your App is installed and, preferably, working
Upgrading the App
  • Go to Installed Applications
  • Make sure your App reports that an Upgrade is available on the App Card.
  • Make note of the current version, you might want to revert to this version in the future.
  • click the menu button on the right side of the App card
  • Select Upgrade
  • Confirm your wish to upgrade

The App will then go through a process of backuping(!) and upgrading your App your changes. If the proces fails, your changes will not be submitted and the edit will be reverted. After the process popup disapears, it might take a few minutes to actually deploy your newly upgraded App, due to some things that happen in the background.

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