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03 - Installing Apps

Here we will go over a basic install of Plex, to showcase how you can install a TrueNAS SCALE App from the TrueCharts Catalog with mostly default settings

  • Make sure your storage-pool is created and working
  • Make Make sure you selected your storage-pool when you first opened the "Apps" interface, if not please refer to quick-start guide 01 - First time Apps setup
  • Make sure you have a working internet connection and can reach github and from the host system.
  • Make sure you already added the TrueCharts catalog from guide 02
Adding the App
  • Go to Available Applications
  • Click the Install button next to the App you want to install
  • on step 01 give your App a name
  • Unless you need to change something, for example the allowed networks for plex, you can ignore steps and just click Next
  • On the last step, review any changes you made to the defaults in the summary
  • Click Submit to install your App of choice
  • Under Installed applications you will see a new tile with the name of your App
  • Wait a few minutes untill the App is started, a Portal button will appear that takes you to the GUI of your App of choice

Video Guide