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  • Q: Please include app X
    A: Please file an issue about it, after checking the wiki, discord and Github to make sure it hasn't been discussed already

  • Q: Isn't there more documentation for app x
    A: If it's not on our website or the discord, we (sadly) do not. There might be other sources for documentation however!

  • Q: Function x doesn't seem to be working, should it be working?
    A: Maybe, please file an issue on github or ask on the Discord

  • Q: Is my data guaranteed to be secure?
    A: ix_volumes (the auto generated storage) is considered relatively secure as long as you don't delete the App, but we can't give an absolute guarantee. data mounted using a hostPath, is as secure as the application that is using the data, our charts do not actively alter said dataset/folder.

  • Q: sabnzbd isn't starting.
    A: SabNZBD has a weird security implementation that requires you to add the hostname or IP address to their config file. In the future we might automate this process, but currently we do not.

  • Q: An app is asking for a password.
    A: We almost always use the defaults from the upstream project, if we are forced to use a password and not add the option to change it in the install GUI.

  • Q: App x has not received an expected update.
    A: Apps update automatically in most cases unless something goes wrong but it can take a little bit of time for it to filter down to the catalog. Our general rule of thumb is report via GitHub after 7+ days.