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Version: 3.1.5 Type: application AppVersion: auto

Fully configurable Zwave to MQTT gateway and Control Panel using NodeJS and Vue

TrueCharts are designed to be installed as TrueNAS SCALE app only. We can not guarantee this charts works as a stand-alone helm installation. This chart is not maintained by the upstream project and any issues with the chart should be raised here

Source Code


Kubernetes: >=1.16.0-0


Repository Name Version common 3.5.5

Installing the Chart

To install the chart with the release name zwavejs2mqtt

  • Open TrueNAS SCALE
  • Go to Apps
  • Click "Install" for this specific Apps
  • Fill out the configuration form

Uninstalling the Chart

To uninstall the zwavejs2mqtt deployment

  • Open TrueNAS SCALE
  • Go to Apps
  • Go to "Installed Apps"
  • Expand the menu in the top-right corner of this App
  • Click "Remove" for this specific Apps

The command removes all the Kubernetes components associated with the chart including storage volumes (Except hostPath Storage) and deletes the release.


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