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Default Helm-Values

TrueCharts is primarily build to supply TrueNAS SCALE Apps. However, we also supply all Apps as standard Helm-Charts. In this document we aim to document the default values in our values.yaml file.

Most of our Apps also consume our "common" Helm Chart. If this is the case, this means that all values.yaml values are set to the common chart values.yaml by default. This values.yaml file will only contain values that deviate from the common chart. You will, however, be able to use all values referenced in the common chart here, besides the values listed in this document.


Key Type Default Description
command[0] string "sh"
command[1] string "-c"
command[2] string "exec python -B -m \\\n -c /data/homeserver.yaml \\\n -c /data/secret/secret.yaml \\\n -c /data/custom.yaml\n"
coturn.enabled bool false
env object {}
image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent"
image.repository string "matrixdotorg/synapse"
image.tag string "v1.56.0"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.args[0] string "-m"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.args[10] string "--generate-keys"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.args[1] string ""
installContainers.generate-signing-key.args[2] string "--config-path"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.args[3] string "/data/homeserver.yaml"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.args[4] string "--config-path"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.args[5] string "/data/secret/secret.yaml"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.args[6] string "--config-path"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.args[7] string "/data/custom.yaml"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.args[8] string "--keys-directory"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.args[9] string "/data/keys"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.command[0] string "python"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.env[0].name string "SYNAPSE_SERVER_NAME"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.env[0].value string "{{ .Values.matrix.serverName }}"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.env[1].name string "SYNAPSE_REPORT_STATS"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.env[1].value string "no"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.image string "{{ .Values.image.repository }}:{{ .Values.image.tag }}"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.volumeMounts[0].mountPath string "/data"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.volumeMounts[0].name string "config"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.volumeMounts[1].mountPath string "/data/secret"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.volumeMounts[1].name string "secret"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.volumeMounts[2].mountPath string "/data/keys"
installContainers.generate-signing-key.volumeMounts[2].name string "key"
mail.enabled bool false NOTE: If enabled, either enable the Exim relay or configure an external mail server below
mail.from string "Matrix <[email protected]>" string ""
mail.password string ""
mail.port int 25
mail.requireTransportSecurity bool true
mail.riotUrl string "" If the ingress is enabled, this is unnecessary. If the ingress is disabled and this is left unspecified, emails will contain a link to
mail.username string ""
matrix.adminEmail string "[email protected]"
matrix.blockNonAdminInvites bool false
matrix.disabled bool false
matrix.disabledMessage string ""
matrix.encryptByDefault string "invite" off: none invite: private messages, or rooms created with the private_chat or trusted_private_chat room preset all: all rooms
matrix.federation.allowPublicRooms bool true
matrix.federation.blacklist list ["","","","","","","::1/128","fe80::/64","fc00::/7"] whitelist: [] IP addresses to blacklist federation requests to
matrix.federation.enabled bool true
matrix.logging.rootLogLevel string "WARNING" specific settings.
matrix.logging.sqlLogLevel string "WARNING" information such as access tokens.
matrix.logging.synapseLogLevel string "WARNING"
matrix.presence bool true This is optional if an Ingress is configured below. If hostname is unspecified, the Synapse hostname of the Ingress will be used hostname: "" Set to false to disable presence (online/offline indicators)
matrix.registration.allowGuests bool false has the shared secret, even if registration is otherwise disabled. sharedSecret: Allow users to join rooms as a guest
matrix.registration.autoJoinRooms list [] required3Pids: - email - msisdn Rooms to automatically join all new users to
matrix.registration.enabled bool false
matrix.retentionPeriod string "7d" bool true bool true trustedKeyServers include ''. See below. Set to false to re-enable the warning.
matrix.serverName string "" If homeserverOverride is set, the entirety of homeserver.yaml will be replaced with the contents. If homeserverExtra is set, the contents will be appended to the end of the default configuration. It is highly recommended that you take a look at the defaults in templates/synapse/_homeserver.yaml, to get a sense of the requirements and default configuration options to use other services in this chart. homeserverOverride: {} homeserverExtra: {} Domain name of the server This is not necessarily the host name where the service is reachable. In fact, you may want to omit any subdomains from this value as the server name set here will be the name of your homeserver in the fediverse, and will be the domain name at the end of every user's username
matrix.uploads.maxPixels string "32M"
matrix.uploads.maxSize string "10M"
matrix.urlPreviews.enabled bool false
persistence.config.enabled bool true
persistence.config.mountPath string "/data"
persistence.config.objectName string "synapse-config"
persistence.config.readOnly bool false
persistence.config.type string "configMap"
persistence.key.enabled bool true
persistence.key.mountPath string "/data/keys" bool true string "/data/media_store"
persistence.secret.enabled bool true
persistence.secret.mountPath string "/data/secret"
persistence.secret.objectName string "synapse-secret"
persistence.secret.readOnly bool false
persistence.secret.type string "secret"
persistence.uploads.enabled bool true
persistence.uploads.mountPath string "/uploads"
postgresql.enabled bool true
postgresql.env.POSTGRES_INITDB_ARGS string "--encoding=UTF8 --locale=C"
postgresql.existingSecret string "dbcreds"
postgresql.postgresqlDatabase string "synapse"
postgresql.postgresqlUsername string "synapse"
probes.liveness.path string "/health"
probes.readiness.path string "/health"
probes.startup.path string "/health"
secret object {}
securityContext.allowPrivilegeEscalation bool true
service.federation.enabled bool true
service.federation.ports.federation.enabled bool true
service.federation.ports.federation.port int 8448
service.federation.ports.federation.targetPort int 8008
service.main.ports.main.port int 8008
service.main.ports.main.targetPort int 8008
service.metrics.enabled bool true
service.metrics.ports.metrics.enabled bool true
service.metrics.ports.metrics.port int 9093
service.metrics.ports.metrics.targetPort int 9090
service.replication.enabled bool true
service.replication.ports.replication.enabled bool true
service.replication.ports.replication.port int 9092
service.replication.ports.replication.targetPort int 9092
synapse.appConfig list [] List of application config .yaml files to be loaded from /appConfig
synapse.loadCustomConfig bool false
synapse.metrics object {"annotations":true,"enabled":true,"port":9092}

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