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Default Helm-Values

TrueCharts is primarily build to supply TrueNAS SCALE Apps. However, we also supply all Apps as standard Helm-Charts. In this document we aim to document the default values in our values.yaml file.

Most of our Apps also consume our "common" Helm Chart. If this is the case, this means that all values.yaml values are set to the common chart values.yaml by default. This values.yaml file will only contain values that deviate from the common chart. You will, however, be able to use all values referenced in the common chart here, besides the values listed in this document.


Key Type Default Description
affinity object {} Affinity constraint rules to place the Pod on a specific node. [ref]
env.DECONZ_DEVICE string nil Override the location where deCONZ looks for the RaspBee/Conbee device.
env.DECONZ_GID string "{{ .Values.podSecurityContext.fsGroup }}"
env.DECONZ_UID string "{{ }}"
env.DECONZ_UPNP int 0
env.DECONZ_VNC_MODE int 1 Enable VNC access to the container to view the deCONZ ZigBee mesh
env.DECONZ_VNC_PORT string "{{ .Values.service.vnc.ports.vnc.port }}"
env.DECONZ_WEB_PORT string "{{ .Values.service.main.ports.main.port }}"
env.DECONZ_WS_PORT string "{{ .Values.service.websocket.ports.websocket.port }}"
image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent"
image.repository string ""
image.tag string "[email protected]:a7ae55543d881432f412253f167b3e057b60ea1db0211ebac7bb5d420c3c17e7"
persistence.config.enabled bool true
persistence.config.mountPath string "/opt/deCONZ"
podSecurityContext.runAsGroup int 0
podSecurityContext.runAsUser int 0
secret.DECONZ_VNC_PASSWORD string ""
securityContext.readOnlyRootFilesystem bool false
securityContext.runAsNonRoot bool false
service.main.ports.main.port int 10008
service.vnc.enabled bool true
service.vnc.ports.vnc.enabled bool true
service.vnc.ports.vnc.port int 10002
service.websocket.enabled bool true
service.websocket.ports.websocket.enabled bool true
service.websocket.ports.websocket.port int 10001

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