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Default Helm-Values

TrueCharts is primarily build to supply TrueNAS SCALE Apps. However, we also supply all Apps as standard Helm-Charts. In this document we aim to document the default values in our values.yaml file.

Most of our Apps also consume our "common" Helm Chart. If this is the case, this means that all values.yaml values are set to the common chart values.yaml by default. This values.yaml file will only contain values that deviate from the common chart. You will, however, be able to use all values referenced in the common chart here, besides the values listed in this document.


Key Type Default Description
additionalContainers[0].args[0] string "while [ ! -f \"/var/www/html/custom_apps/notify_push/bin/x86_64/notify_push\" ]; do sleep 30; echo \"notify_push not found, waiting\"; done && /var/www/html/custom_apps/notify_push/bin/x86_64/notify_push /var/www/html/config/config.php"
additionalContainers[0].command[0] string "/bin/bash"
additionalContainers[0].command[1] string "-c"
additionalContainers[0].command[2] string "--"
additionalContainers[0].envFrom[0] string "hpbconfig"
additionalContainers[0].env[0].name string "PORT"
additionalContainers[0].env[0].value string "7867"
additionalContainers[0].image string "nextcloud:21.0.2"
additionalContainers[0].imagePullPolicy string "IfNotPresent"
additionalContainers[0].name string "hpb"
additionalContainers[0].ports[0].containerPort int 7867
additionalContainers[0].ports[0].name string "hpb"
additionalContainers[0].securityContext.runAsGroup int 33
additionalContainers[0].securityContext.runAsUser int 33
additionalContainers[0].volumeMounts[0].mountPath string "/var/www/html"
additionalContainers[0].volumeMounts[0].name string "data"
cronjob.annotations object {}
cronjob.failedJobsHistoryLimit int 5
cronjob.schedule string "*/5 * * * *"
cronjob.successfulJobsHistoryLimit int 2
env.NEXTCLOUD_ADMIN_PASSWORD string "adminpass"
env.NEXTCLOUD_ADMIN_USER string "admin"
env.TRUSTED_PROXIES string ""
envFrom[0] string "nextcloudconfig"
envTpl.POSTGRES_DB string "{{ .Values.postgresql.postgresqlDatabase }}"
envTpl.POSTGRES_USER string "{{ .Values.postgresql.postgresqlUsername }}"
envValueFrom.POSTGRES_HOST.secretKeyRef.key string "host" string "dbcreds"
envValueFrom.POSTGRES_PASSWORD.secretKeyRef.key string "postgresql-password" string "dbcreds"
envValueFrom.REDIS_HOST.secretKeyRef.key string "masterhost" string "rediscreds"
envValueFrom.REDIS_HOST_PASSWORD.secretKeyRef.key string "redis-password" string "rediscreds"
image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent"
image.repository string "nextcloud"
image.tag string "22.1.1"
initContainers[0].command[0] string "sh"
initContainers[0].command[1] string "-c"
initContainers[0].command[2] string "until pg_isready -U nextcloud -h ${pghost} ; do sleep 2 ; done"
initContainers[0].env[0].name string "pghost"
initContainers[0].env[0].valueFrom.secretKeyRef.key string "plainhost"
initContainers[0].env[0] string "dbcreds"
initContainers[0].image string "postgres:13.1"
initContainers[0].imagePullPolicy string "IfNotPresent"
initContainers[0].name string "init-postgresdb" string "ReadWriteOnce" bool true string "/var/www/html" string "100Gi" string "pvc"
persistence.redismaster.accessMode string "ReadWriteOnce"
persistence.redismaster.enabled bool true
persistence.redismaster.forceName string "redismaster"
persistence.redismaster.noMount bool true
persistence.redismaster.size string "100Gi"
persistence.redismaster.type string "pvc"
podSecurityContext.fsGroup int 33
postgresql.enabled bool true
postgresql.existingSecret string "dbcreds"
postgresql.postgresqlDatabase string "nextcloud"
postgresql.postgresqlUsername string "nextcloud"
probes object See below Probe configuration -- [ref]
probes.liveness object See below Liveness probe configuration
probes.liveness.spec object "/" If a HTTP probe is used (default for HTTP/HTTPS services) this path is used
probes.readiness object See below Redainess probe configuration
probes.readiness.spec object "/" If a HTTP probe is used (default for HTTP/HTTPS services) this path is used
probes.startup object See below Startup probe configuration
probes.startup.spec object "/" If a HTTP probe is used (default for HTTP/HTTPS services) this path is used
redis.architecture string "standalone"
redis.auth.existingSecret string "rediscreds"
redis.auth.existingSecretPasswordKey string "redis-password"
redis.enabled bool true
redis.master.persistence.enabled bool false
redis.master.persistence.existingClaim string "redismaster"
redis.replica.persistence.enabled bool false
redis.replica.replicaCount int 0
redis.volumePermissions.enabled bool true
service.hpb.enabled bool true
service.hpb.ports.hpb.enabled bool true
service.hpb.ports.hpb.port int 7867
service.main.ports.main.port int 80
strategy.type string "Recreate"

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