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Default Helm-Values

TrueCharts is primarily build to supply TrueNAS SCALE Apps. However, we also supply all Apps as standard Helm-Charts. In this document we aim to document the default values in our values.yaml file.

Most of our Apps also consume our "common" Helm Chart. If this is the case, this means that all values.yaml values are set to the common chart values.yaml by default. This values.yaml file will only contain values that deviate from the common chart. You will, however, be able to use all values referenced in the common chart here, besides the values listed in this document.


Key Type Default Description
apex string "" Override the default serviceName.namespace domain apex
args[0] string "-conf"
args[1] string "/etc/coredns/Corefile"
domains list [{"dnsChallenge":{"domain":"","enabled":false},"domain":""}] list of processed domains
domains[0] object {"dnsChallenge":{"domain":"","enabled":false},"domain":""} Delegated domain
domains[0].dnsChallenge object {"domain":"","enabled":false} Optional configuration option for DNS01 challenge that will redirect all acme challenge requests to external cloud domain (e.g. managed by cert-manager) See:
forward.enabled bool true
forward.options[0].name string "tls_servername"
forward.options[0].value string ""
forward.primary string "tls://"
forward.secondary string "tls://"
image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent"
image.repository string ""
image.tag string "[email protected]:cc621e57c73aab461b64e561d56181c9f67b59d006ab548fedfee660f08965f9"
podSecurityContext.runAsGroup int 0
podSecurityContext.runAsUser int 0
probes.liveness.custom bool true
probes.liveness.spec.failureThreshold int 5
probes.liveness.spec.httpGet.path string "/health"
probes.liveness.spec.httpGet.port int 8080
probes.liveness.spec.httpGet.scheme string "HTTP"
probes.liveness.spec.initialDelaySeconds int 60
probes.liveness.spec.successThreshold int 1
probes.liveness.spec.timeoutSeconds int 5
probes.readiness.custom bool true
probes.readiness.spec.failureThreshold int 5
probes.readiness.spec.httpGet.path string "/ready"
probes.readiness.spec.httpGet.port int 8181
probes.readiness.spec.httpGet.scheme string "HTTP"
probes.readiness.spec.initialDelaySeconds int 10
probes.readiness.spec.successThreshold int 1
probes.readiness.spec.timeoutSeconds int 5
probes.startup.custom bool true
probes.startup.spec.failureThreshold int 60
probes.startup.spec.httpGet.path string "/ready"
probes.startup.spec.httpGet.port int 8181
probes.startup.spec.httpGet.scheme string "HTTP"
probes.startup.spec.initialDelaySeconds int 3
probes.startup.spec.periodSeconds int 5
probes.startup.spec.timeoutSeconds int 2
rbac object See below Create a ClusterRole and ClusterRoleBinding
rbac.enabled bool true Enables or disables the ClusterRole and ClusterRoleBinding
rbac.rules list [{"apiGroups":[""],"resources":["services","namespaces"],"verbs":["list","watch"]},{"apiGroups":["extensions",""],"resources":["ingresses"],"verbs":["list","watch"]}] Set Rules on the ClusterRole
secondary string "" Service name of a secondary DNS server (should be serviceName.namespace)
securityContext.runAsNonRoot bool false
service.main.ports.main.port int 53
service.main.ports.main.protocol string "UDP"
service.main.ports.main.targetPort int 53
serviceAccount.create bool true Specifies whether a service account should be created
ttl int 300 TTL for non-apex responses (in seconds)
watchedResources list [] Limit what kind of resources to watch, e.g. watchedResources: ["Ingress"]

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