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Default Helm-Values

TrueCharts is primarily build to supply TrueNAS SCALE Apps. However, we also supply all Apps as standard Helm-Charts. In this document we aim to document the default values in our values.yaml file.

Most of our Apps also consume our "common" Helm Chart. If this is the case, this means that all values.yaml values are set to the common chart values.yaml by default. This values.yaml file will only contain values that deviate from the common chart. You will, however, be able to use all values referenced in the common chart here, besides the values listed in this document.


Key Type Default Description
controller.replicas int 1 Number of desired pods
controller.revisionHistoryLimit int 3 ReplicaSet revision history limit
controller.rollingUpdate.partition string nil Set statefulset RollingUpdate partition
controller.rollingUpdate.surge string nil Set deployment RollingUpdate max surge
controller.rollingUpdate.unavailable int 1 Set deployment RollingUpdate max unavailable
controller.strategy string "RollingUpdate" Set the controller upgrade strategy For Deployments, valid values are Recreate (default) and RollingUpdate. For StatefulSets, valid values are OnDelete and RollingUpdate (default). DaemonSets ignore this.
controller.type string "statefulset" Set the controller type. Valid options are deployment, daemonset or statefulset
env.COMPOSE_FILE string ""
env.DOCKER_TLS_CERTDIR string "/certs"
hostNetwork bool true
image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent"
image.repository string ""
image.tag string "[email protected]:ca2ae5f57deebc1d83e5cc5f0121d3b9f50d6cde803ebffa579d150cb424e6a3"
lifecycle.postStart.exec.command[0] string "/bin/bash"
lifecycle.postStart.exec.command[1] string "-c"
lifecycle.postStart.exec.command[2] string "if [ \"${COMPOSE_FILE}\" ]; then\ncounter=0;\nwhile ! docker info > /dev/null 2>&1 && [[ ${counter} -lt 10 ]]; do\necho \"docker not running yet. Waiting...\" >> /proc/1/fd/1;\nsleep 5;\ncounter=$((counter+1));\ndone\ndocker-compose -f \"${COMPOSE_FILE}\" up -d && echo \"Loading COMPOSE_FILE at location ${COMPOSE_FILE}\" >> /proc/1/fd/1;\nelse\necho \"COMPOSE_FILE not set, not auto-loading compose-file\" >> /proc/1/fd/1;\nfi\n"
persistence.cluster.enabled bool true
persistence.cluster.hostPath string "/cluster"
persistence.cluster.hostPathType string ""
persistence.cluster.mountPath string "/cluster"
persistence.cluster.readOnly bool false
persistence.cluster.type string "hostPath"
persistence.docker-certs-ca.enabled bool true
persistence.docker-certs-ca.mountPath string "/config"
persistence.mnt.enabled bool true
persistence.mnt.hostPath string "/mnt"
persistence.mnt.hostPathType string ""
persistence.mnt.mountPath string "/mnt"
persistence.mnt.readOnly bool false
persistence.mnt.type string "hostPath"
persistence.root.enabled bool true
persistence.root.hostPath string "/root"
persistence.root.hostPathType string ""
persistence.root.mountPath string "/root"
persistence.root.readOnly bool false
persistence.root.type string "hostPath"
persistence.varrun.enabled bool false
podSecurityContext.fsGroup int 0
podSecurityContext.runAsGroup int 0
podSecurityContext.runAsUser int 0
probes.liveness.spec.initialDelaySeconds int 30
probes.readiness.spec.initialDelaySeconds int 30
probes.startup.spec.initialDelaySeconds int 30
securityContext.allowPrivilegeEscalation bool true
securityContext.privileged bool true
securityContext.readOnlyRootFilesystem bool false
securityContext.runAsNonRoot bool false
service.main.enabled bool true
service.main.ports.main.port int 2376
service.main.ports.main.type string "HTTPS"
volumeClaimTemplates.docker-certs-client.enabled bool true
volumeClaimTemplates.docker-certs-client.mountPath string "/certs/client"
volumeClaimTemplates.docker.enabled bool true
volumeClaimTemplates.docker.mountPath string "/var/lib/docker"

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