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Socialmedia Guidelines

We have a lot of socialmedia presence, both using official accounts and personal accounts. This document highlights the staff guidelines when responding to TrueCharts related subjects on socialmedia.

Personal Accounts

We leave our staff free to decide for themselves how to handle themselves on socialmedia. However, we actively advice to point users with support requests towards the official channels. It's also adviced to keep negativity about TrueCharts as a whole, to a minimum. But this is not a strictly enforced requirement.

Official Accounts

The requirements when using official TrueCharts accounts are more strict, as they directly show the attitude and intention of the project as a whole.

  • We aim to have an active online presence at influences of related interesst, but will refraign to link directly towards out community (resources)
  • We do not respond outside of our own discord on community related issues.
  • While we do know beter, we try ignore SCALE related topics that are not related to the things we build. So we should ignore other catalogs or other SCALE features when reasonable/possible.
  • When people have complaints about our official attitude, we should try to get in contact and hear them out. Their feedback should be taken fairly and serieusly.
  • When people have issues with our project, we should limit ourselves to short answers. If that's not possible we should aim to actively nudge them to file support requests on our Discord