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Official Accounts and Staff list

As a project we have a number of super-active members, who maintain the project and community. This list features who, at this time, is occupied with what Staff duty. This list may, ofcoarse, change without notice. All non-filled staff positions fall to the current maintainer.

Staff List

Maintainer: Ornias

Tasks: - General Project management - Primary maintainer for the core, dependency and enterprise trains - Primary maintainer for the container(-mirror) - Primary maintainer for the misc. tools, like trueupdate - Finances - Primary Core Developer

Access: - All Official Accounts

Co-Maintainer: StavrosK

Tasks: - Primary maintainer for the Stable and incubator trains - Second-In-Command - Cooridnating Support Requests - Secondary Core Developer

Access: - All Official Accounts

Head Moderator: MintyCrackers

Tasks: - Rolling review of the Community Guidelines - Rolling review of the platform specific Rules - Processing appeals

Access: - All Official Accounts

Official Accounts

We as TrueCharts Staff maintain a number of official accounts, often used to guide people in the right direction:



iX-Systems Forum