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Maintainers Wanted

While a lot of containers are based on the common chart, we at TrueCharts still prefer to have at least one dedicated actual maintainer for every chart. Preferably someone who actually uses said App.

Are you the one we are looking for?

If you have experience working on SCALE Apps, TrueCharts and/or Helm Charts and are interested in maintaing one of the Apps below please contact us by email

Please note: We always prefer maintainers that have worked on one of our Apps before and, if thats not the case, people with verifyable experience with SCALE Apps and/or Helm Charts

Current Apps without maintainers

  • bazarr
  • Calibre-web
  • freshrss
  • gaps
  • grocy
  • heimdall
  • lazylibrarian
  • lychee
  • navidrome
  • node-red
  • nzb-get
  • nzbhydra
  • organizr
  • qbittorrent
  • readarr
  • sabnzbd
  • truecommand
  • tvheadend
  • unifi